April 3, 2013

Hefty Coupons

Hefty Coupons – Hefty brand products include waste bags, slider storage bags, disposable tableware, and disposable cookware. Hefty Consumer Products include: Ultra Flex and Cinch Sak waste bags; Hefty The Gripper and Kitchen Fresh tall kitchen waste bags; OneZip slider bags; EveryDay and Hearty Meals plates; Easy Grip cups; Zoo Pals children’s tableware; and EZ Foil and EZ Ovenware disposable cookware. Hefty brand products are sold through a variety of retailers, including mass merchandisers, supermarkets, and discount chains. Get the latest hefty coupons and special offers.

hefty coupons

Garbage can be really unpleasant to deal with, so it’s important to pick garbage bags that suit your needs. There is a lot of variety in trash bags that one should consider. The first thing that comes to mind when choosing trash bags is size. A family of four or five needs larger trash bags than a single person living alone. And unless you’re running a small business, you’ll probably have no need for industrial size trash bags, though many homes can find uses for smaller bags in a bathroom wastebasket. The size of the can you use matters too; a tall can is likely to get dirty if you don’t use tall bags.

In fact, regardless of height disparity, it’s a pretty good idea to clean your garbage cans regularly to reduce overall odor, even if you use scented bags. Then there’s how the bags close. Some bags use flaps, while others use drawstrings, or have handles in the case of some recycling bags. There are also liners for trash compactors. Color is also a factor; there are of course, the blue recycling bags, black trash bags for the kitchen and yard , white trash bags and clear trash bags; in some places, which you use is not up to you, so check your local laws to see if there are any restrictions. There are also red medical waste bags, for families with diabetic or otherwise ill members. Last but not even close to least are biodegradable garbage bags, some of which can be used in municipal composting.

While purchasing garbage bags may seem like an easy task, there are actually many features and aspects one should consider. We all know one of the dirtiest and most annoying tasks is cleaning up a spill when a trash bag breaks and you may also be wasting additional money on high quality bags than what your needs actually require. So the next time you’re ordering can liners, consider these important features to prevent feature mishaps:

Different Strength Levels
• Light – crumbled paper, paper cups, etc
• Medium – packaging waster, cardboard, wet paper, etc
• Heavy – light wood, metal scraps, wet cardboard, etc
• Extra Heavy – Heavy, sharp, or wet trash
• Super Extra Heavy – Warehouse, Cafeteria, or Facility waste

High Density (HD) vs. Low Density (LD)
• High Density Trash Bags– much thinner than low density liners, but are capable of holding greater weight; They feature better puncture resistance and load capacity.
• Low Density Trash Bags – Recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. They feature greater tear resistance compared to high density garbage bags.

hefty garbage bag coupons

Bottom Seal Types
• Star Seal – This is the most common type of seal and the most reliable of the three. It eliminates gaps along the seal line, which allows these liners to more easily take the shape of any size/style garbage can. They are also popular because they more evenly distribute weight within the bag – maximizing load capacity and preventing leaks.
• Gusset Seal – Used on flat-style trash bags; An economical choice recommended for light loads only (paper, etc)
• Flat Seal – Create strong bottom seals to prevent bottom leaks, but may leak from the corners due to design. Their flat seal also prevents them from conforming as easily to trash containers.

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